Sunday, July 1, 2012

News for June 28

News for June 28

News for June 28

Well, it's been a busy final week in Room 5!

On Monday, our whole school had a Play Day outside. Thankfully, the weather cooperated with us and it was not too hot. There were a lot of interesting activities. My favourite was the "spoon and lemon race".

On Tuesday, the students learned about the German mathematician, August Mobius (1790-1868). He discovered the Mobius strip, a 3-dimensional object with only one side. The children each made his/her own paper Mobius strip by taking a paper strip and putting a twist in the paper ring. By drawing a line down the middle they could prove the paper ring only had one side. Then they experimented with cutting that ring along the line to make one big ring. Then the students tried different twists and cuttings.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had a very special event. Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammed, the two TDSB high school students that sent a lego man into space came to our class. First, they were interviewed by Dylan and Thomas for the Room 5 Interview Show. Then they explained how they did the project and showed the class photographs and the way that they made the box that held the cameras and, of course, the lego man. They signed autographs for the students and we took lots of pictures. Their presentation was very impressive! The video of the interview can be found in a separate posing.

We finished reading aloud the novel Pippi Longstocking and we finished watching the DVD movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The children worked in groups to write and produce movies starring their sock monkeys. At this time of the year, they worked on their own to write the concept, create the dialog, make the props, design the credits and choose appropriate music.

The students created his/her own "Summer Reading Bag". They learned about the research that shows if students do not continue to read over the summer, their reading levels may drop. So to prevent that from happening, each child chose 3 books to take home to read over the summer. In September, the books can be returned to me in Room 5.

The children washed their desks in a unique way...with shaving cream! They spread it out over the surface, drew pictures and wrote their names, then cleaned off the foam and rinsed the desks off.

Finally, the class attended the year-end assembly in the gym and played the cooperative game, "passing time", one last time for the year.

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